Director : Jonathan Doe

Producer : Sarah John

Cast : Sara Doe, Jefferson Envato

Genre : Sports ThemeDrama

Release Date : 20th November

Music Director : John Doe

Rating : 8/10

I Am a Snaky Girl

Film Music Composer Mr. Sreem Kamesh is Set to Release a New Music Albums

Renown film music composer Mr. Sreem Kamesh released his New Music album “The Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love” via music studios STARMUSICGLOBAL.com, one of the largest Global Music Publishing, Music Production & Recording company

New York City, Apr 10, 2020   – Film music composer Mr. Sreem Kamesh has announced his latest anticipated new Hollywood music album release. The album, titled “I am Snaky Girl – I follow you ..I Love you…! ,” was recorded at Mr. Sreem Kamesh’s music recording studios at  STARMUSICGLOBAL.com. The record producer company’s services are dealing with music recording projects and music publishing. As a prolific music producer and movie music composer Mr. Sreem Kamesh has already worked on several Tollywood & Hollywood Film Music Global Music scoring  Projects, achieved few film based song credits, and scored the background music. He is now planning and working on more than 100 Hollywood based  Music Album songs which need to be released soon via StarMusicGlobal.com. He plans to release the movie based music albums and all these 100 Hollywood Cinematic Music Albums Singles Songs are FREE! and dedicated to global audiences ( as he loves global audiences) given for FREE download for all global audiences and subscribers via his youtube channel. All future Music Album of 100 Hollywood Music Album Singles songs will be available through STARMUSICGLOBAL.com for FREE via subscribed audience and also via Mr. Sreem Kamesh’s youtube channel subscribers. Mr. Sreem Kamesh is also working on the film music background and ready to launch other hundreds of film-based music songs that will sweep the audience off their feet.

The record music company STARMUSICGLOBAL.com utilizes foremost music facilities. As well as avant-garde features that will enable aspiring young artists to showcase their talent. According to Mr. Sreem Kamesh, who has also made music for films.

The music maker online STARMUSICGLOBAL.com strives to serve its clients and fans with communication channels through leading social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Film music lovers can also plug into the unparalleled video channel, such as youtube, to listen to their latest composing music release.

About Mr. Sreem Kamesh

Mr. Sreem Kamesh is an inspirational and talented Film Music Composer, Song Writer, Producer, Multi Instruments Player, he has released several Music Albums Singles, such as The Golden Girl, Come Back, Who Cares, I am Snaky Girl and many more planning to release soon one by one…given for FREE! He will soon release Total 100 Music Albums Singles for FREE to DOWNLOAD for all subscribers, and all these future coming songs are dedicated to GLOBAL AUDIENCE given for FREE. Mr. Sreem Kamesh’s new album Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love’ has an enigmatic aura that is published and distributed worldwide by STARMUSICGLOBAL.com.


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Mr Sreem Kamesh, Film Music Composer/Producer  is slated to release the album from STARMUSICGLOBAL.com

Mr. Sreem Kamesh is a gifted artist who is set to release the album ‘Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love’. One of the largest Music Record Label, Music Production & Publishing company STARMUSICGLOBAL.com  is gearing up for it.

The prolific music artist, Mr. Sreem Kamesh is a force to reckon within the music industry as the flamboyant musician is all set to release his latest album. The album has been titled Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love’ and has already created a lot of buzz in the industry. The musician owns a company dealing in publishing music and is known by the name ‘STARMUSICGLOBAL.com’. He has worked already on few Tollywood Film Music Projects, scored background music and film-based songs credits before, and currently working planning to release more than 100 Hollywood Music Album songs FREE! ..releasing soon globally and ALL these Songs are dedicated to a global audience as he loves all Audience!  and  All 100 Songs Download FREE!  for the global audience with subscribing via StarMusicGlobal.com or via his Youtube channel. And he also worked on the background a lot and is anticipated to come with a deluge of hundreds of songs in all that will sweep the audience off their feet.

The music company has got up to the minute facilities and avant-garde features that augur well for the aspiring artists to showcase their talent. Talented artists are identified all over the world through state of the art mechanism used by the publishing company which has got a futuristic view. The company has amplified the working process with an indomitable presence in the major social media platforms. The number of followers of the company is staggering Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram speaking volumes about the popularity of the music publishing company. You can also plug into major trending platforms like Youtube to listen to the songs published by the music company.

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